Moving Day

I have moved to:

Hope to see you there!

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Sandals and Claustrophobia

I ordered a pair of sandals today.  I’m just that sure that the snow that is in my yard won’t last forever.  It’s can’t, can it?

Because of recent foot surgery, I’ve had my foot wrapped,  and in a surgical boot since February 9th, and believe it or not, it feels claustrophobic.  Yes….my foot feels like it has claustrophobia, crazy huh? It feels trapped, and it’s about to be sprung.  Ordering those sandals is proof that I will soon be wiggling my toes, my uncovered toes!  I get my stitches out next Tuesday, and you know what I’m really looking forward to?  Taking a shower with out a protective plastic covering on my foot any more.   Getting BOTH feet wet – oh the shear joy!

It’s comical how those little things in life can come to be so important.  What other little things do we over-look because they are just part of every day living?  Driving also comes to mind.  Soon I’ll drive again!  I never go any where special, but now I’m going to be able to go to those un-special places!  I hate grocery shopping, but after having my sweet husband do it for a month, I’m even ready to do that again.  Don’t worry, I’ll soon be complaining again about having to go to the grocery store.   Shame on me!

You know what I’m really ready for?  Fresh air.  You know how you feel when you take a trip on an airplane and that air is so stale?  Try being in a plane since Feb 9th.  That’s what I’m starting to feel like.  I couldn’t go sit on the porch because it’s below zero on the porch!  All of this blathering I’ve been doing brings me back to my sandals, which I’ve bought in anticipation of a warm Spring.   Never take Spring for granted.  It’s a most wonderful season and it’s soon to arrive.

Spring….all things  new and fresh.  Never take for granted the air in your lungs and that tomorrow brings all things new.

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Commit To Be Prepared

I went to my old Blogspot page and deleted it.  I planned on coming here and doing the same.  If I could have figured out  how to do that, this blog may have been eliminated too.

When I was really into reading and writing  blogs, one of the things I looked forward to was a couple of blogs a week being routinely posted by my friends.  When a blogger went weeks between posts…I’d lose interest, or forget to check them.  The very thing that bothered me is what I have done.  A blog written every few months, in my opinion…is a neglected blog.

Now I’m trying to determine if I’ve neglected my blog or just totally forsaken it.  Truth be told, Facebook has replaced blogging for me.  It covers more people in one fast click of the mouse.    It’s my lazy woman’s version of keeping in touch.  I get headlines instead of stories.  A wave instead of a hug.

I have found my self wanting to re-connect with my blogging friends.  How are the kids and grands?  Any issues I should pray for?   Do you just want to air a frustration,  I’ll be a friendly ear to hear it.

Every month one person in a  group of friends (who met blogging) give a blog prompt for the month.  so far I have not written on any of the prompts.  This month’s is from 2 Timothy 4:2 …be prepared in season and out of season.  Being prepared takes commitment.  I realized I didn’t want to commit.  Not only did I not want to commit to blogging, but I’ve found that to be a more recurring pattern in my life in general.  We need to be prepared to correct, rebuke and encourage.  Preparation requires a life open to receiving God’s instruction.  That requires commitment.  I see a pattern here.

In my non committal way….I resist saying that I will once again be a regular blogger.  But, someone much greater, God himself,  instructs – even urges me to be prepared.  I can’t see being prepared without commitment.  I will trust Him for the commitment within myself that completes my preparation.

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Not My Crown

This morning the song, “How Great Thou Art” came to mind.  My heart was so moved, when I sang and “heard” each word, I was overwhelmed. He alone is worthy of such adoration.  I could not tell you who wrote that song until I looked it up. His name was Carl Gustav Boberg and Sturart K Hine translated it. As far as I know, he’s never been famous or idolized as a great song writer, but his words changed many hearts and gave glory to the inspiration for the song, God himself.

Earlier this week I was listening to a Christian radio station and they were playing “Oh Lord You’re Beautiful” by Keith Green.  Once again such deeply moving lyrics.  I began to wonder about the person so inspired to write with such heart and soul, so I did a little research on him.  What a story!  A Jewish boy who called himself a Jewish Christian!  He was an amazing man, not seeking fame or riches, but totally seeking to glorify God.   He asked, why do we idolize Christian singers and musicians, seeking autographs and making them stars?  It is not good for us, or for them!  Satan gets the victory when our eyes turn to worshiping the singer and not the message in the song!  He went on to say, no one idolizes or buys tickets to hear missionaries speak.  They who have given up most everything to share God’s love.

We must be careful of whom or what becomes an idol to  us.  I challenge you to think what may be one in your life.  Something so insignificant you don’t even realize it. Maybe idol is the wrong word, maybe something is just too important to you.   My home used to be, and I was always unhappy because it was never “right”…always short of perfection.  It is finally a place of safety, warmth and peace, no matter what it looks like, and that’s OK.

I want to take your word, and shine it all around, but first help me just to live it Lord, and when I’m doing well, help me to never seek a crown – for my reward is giving glory to you.  (Keith Green 1953-1982)

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The Older I Get……

older lesson

Isn’t it amazing the amount of changes that happen with age?  Take #1 on this list.  At my last dental appointment, my dentist asked me what my dental goal was? After looking at him like he lost his mind, I told him my goal was to keep my teeth.  He agreed with me that I chose a fine goal.  Imagine that!  He encouraged me to keep flossing.  So now I will enjoy flossing my teeth to achieve my dental goal!

As for #2.  I don’t want to hear about your fiber intake so don’t expect to hear about mine. Not fond of #3 either, as for #4…I do care what you think about me.  If I’ve unknowingly hurt or offended you, and I find out, it greatly bothers me, being unkind is not a legacy I want to leave.  Do I care that you think my sensible shoes are ugly.  Nah.  OK, a little.

Earlier bedtime #5?  Ha!  Yes! and late morning riser.  And Sometimes a nap.

Here’s one I don’t like, #6, comfortable footwear.  I’m fighting this one.  I LOVE pretty shoes.  My feet no longer like any shoes, yet they are also strangely unhappy without shoes.  Crazy old feet.

I won’t comment on the rest except maybe the last one.  I don’t yell at teenagers, but that doesn’t mean I’m not yelling on the inside. Put more appropriate clothes on, and by appropriate I mean modest,  pull your pants up, etc.  I don’t care if they are dressed warm enough….I didn’t either,  just the very fact of being young kept me well.  They will have plenty of time to wear warm ugly winter clothes later.  Like I do now.

What do you think will bother you about growing older?  To stay on the positive side, what will be the good things?

You know what I like?  No longer worrying about insignificant mind clutter that doesn’t change a thing about how we live and function, like praying I find a really pretty pair of shoes. Insignificant, and gone.  Eliminating this leaves much more opportunity in life to pray for those who really do need prayer.

I look forward to your comments!

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Making Ready

sequins beads

My grandson is getting married next June and I’ve started the process of buying and returning dresses.  One down, who knows how many to go.  You may say,  that’s a long time from now, what’s the rush?!  HA!  If you have to ask that, you don’t know me very well, which you probably don’t.  So let me ‘splain.

I don’t want to look like a Golden Girl reject,  covered in sparkle and wrinkles,  but…I also want to look festive.  OK – I want sparkles too.   The truth is, according to my birth certificate….which doesn’t lie,  I am a golden girl;  with a mind that says I’m not, and a body with two knee replacements  that shouts –  YES YOU ARE!  There is a very fine line I’m trying not to cross here.  One side is the elegant grandmother/on the other is the what-was-she-thinking grandmother.

With all the buying and returning that may be in my future, I’m wondering if I should just have it made.  I’ve decided that comfort with a little sparkle thrown on it will be fine.  Even no sparkle will be fine, but I’m not compromising on the comfort!  When the day comes, I do know where the eyes of those attending will be focused, and no, it will not be on me.   They will be on our beautiful bride, Susan, Mac’s beloved.

The Bible refers to the church as the  bride of Christ, and he is the Bridegroom or the Lamb.  I am part of His church… that bride.  I am clothed in love, compassion and His mercy.   When He calls for His bride I will meet him, and my gown will be perfect!

Revelation 19:7~Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory!  For the wedding of the Lamb has come and his bride has made herself ready.

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Our Anchor Holds


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