Opening A New Door

twreath jpg

Hello and welcome to my new home.  I’ve blogged for quite some time, but have also been absent from blogging for quite some time.  I’ve decided to moved to the new neighborhood of Word Press, and hope to become acclimated before too long.

My words will reflect what’s on my heart.  Sometimes silly, sometimes serious, but hopefully touching a heart where needed.  As my title says, I’m slightly imperfect, but I’m very loved by my Heavenly father.  Being slightly imperfect is a common human condition, and it’s time we accept our flaws, work on what needs changing and love those who haven’t realized yet that they too may need to do a little self examination….if you know what I mean!

I will write when I have something to say.  Could be often, could be infrequent.  I will not be controlled by blogging, so hopefully it will allow me much more pleasure when I do write, and the contents of what I put on the page will be more meaningful.

I would love your comments and input, be kind.  I have met the most wonderful people through this medium, they are dear friends.  My heart has room for more, so welcome to all!!

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5 Responses to Opening A New Door

  1. Sandy says:

    Well, what a surprise to see you’ve moved! I’ll still be tagging along to hear what you have to say, Pat. You seem to always get a laugh out of me.


  2. Linda says:

    Will be looking forward to your posts! I thank The Lord for the rich blessing of the friends I have made through blogging.
    Love and hugs.


  3. felisol says:

    Nice hearing from you again. I also love the wreath on your door. Very artistic.


  4. Mari says:

    I’ve added your new place to my feed and am looking forward to what you share!


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