Put It Under The Sink

I just turned on the news in time to hear our local weather man say, “and the wind will come screaming in this afternoon”.  I’m hoping the overly descriptive word, screaming –  was just used for special effect since it’s Halloween.  If not, some trick or treater’s will have to hold on to their candy!  We’re forecast to get a snowy/rainy windy mix this evening.

It’s very over-cast right now, which is usually my cue to read for a while then nap….not that I need a cue.  Think I’ll pass on that today and do some organizing,  Why does the need for organizing never go away?  Or is it just my house?  It seems like I’m always looking for someplace to store something.  This house is old, which means not a lot of kitchen storage, certainly no pantry, and small closets.  Dreamy, huh?

I now have two trash cans in my kitchen.  Regular trash and recycle trash.  I am looking for a spot to relocate my returnable bottle holder, or as we call it – the bag hanging on the nail you throw your empty bottles in.  Hal always suggest, “put it under the sink”.  Just how much does he think can go under the sink.  I do believe he’s just trying to make me crazy when he says that.

So, here I go, looking for new storage places, under sinks, and who knows where.  Maybe I’ll put my Kitchen Aid mixer in my TV cabinet, if it’s not already full!

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2 Responses to Put It Under The Sink

  1. Mari says:

    It’s snowing and very wind on this side of the state, so I’m sure it’s coming your way soon. 😦
    I enjoy organizing, but it never stays done!


  2. Michele Tetreau says:

    That is exactly was has been on my mind lately too. Organizing, getting rid of stuff. You know that only leads to getting more stuff. ugh! I would rather read and take a nap!


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