The Older I Get……

older lesson

Isn’t it amazing the amount of changes that happen with age?  Take #1 on this list.  At my last dental appointment, my dentist asked me what my dental goal was? After looking at him like he lost his mind, I told him my goal was to keep my teeth.  He agreed with me that I chose a fine goal.  Imagine that!  He encouraged me to keep flossing.  So now I will enjoy flossing my teeth to achieve my dental goal!

As for #2.  I don’t want to hear about your fiber intake so don’t expect to hear about mine. Not fond of #3 either, as for #4…I do care what you think about me.  If I’ve unknowingly hurt or offended you, and I find out, it greatly bothers me, being unkind is not a legacy I want to leave.  Do I care that you think my sensible shoes are ugly.  Nah.  OK, a little.

Earlier bedtime #5?  Ha!  Yes! and late morning riser.  And Sometimes a nap.

Here’s one I don’t like, #6, comfortable footwear.  I’m fighting this one.  I LOVE pretty shoes.  My feet no longer like any shoes, yet they are also strangely unhappy without shoes.  Crazy old feet.

I won’t comment on the rest except maybe the last one.  I don’t yell at teenagers, but that doesn’t mean I’m not yelling on the inside. Put more appropriate clothes on, and by appropriate I mean modest,  pull your pants up, etc.  I don’t care if they are dressed warm enough….I didn’t either,  just the very fact of being young kept me well.  They will have plenty of time to wear warm ugly winter clothes later.  Like I do now.

What do you think will bother you about growing older?  To stay on the positive side, what will be the good things?

You know what I like?  No longer worrying about insignificant mind clutter that doesn’t change a thing about how we live and function, like praying I find a really pretty pair of shoes. Insignificant, and gone.  Eliminating this leaves much more opportunity in life to pray for those who really do need prayer.

I look forward to your comments!

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2 Responses to The Older I Get……

  1. Mari says:

    I have to say I’m liking comfortable footwear, although it can’t be ugly. No heels though. And I wouldn’t yell at teenagers either, but in my head I’m wondering what’s wrong with some of them.


  2. Saija says:

    so relate-able … LOL … wishing i coulda talked some sense into the younger me … but would i have listened? probably not!


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