Commit To Be Prepared

I went to my old Blogspot page and deleted it.  I planned on coming here and doing the same.  If I could have figured out  how to do that, this blog may have been eliminated too.

When I was really into reading and writing  blogs, one of the things I looked forward to was a couple of blogs a week being routinely posted by my friends.  When a blogger went weeks between posts…I’d lose interest, or forget to check them.  The very thing that bothered me is what I have done.  A blog written every few months, in my opinion…is a neglected blog.

Now I’m trying to determine if I’ve neglected my blog or just totally forsaken it.  Truth be told, Facebook has replaced blogging for me.  It covers more people in one fast click of the mouse.    It’s my lazy woman’s version of keeping in touch.  I get headlines instead of stories.  A wave instead of a hug.

I have found my self wanting to re-connect with my blogging friends.  How are the kids and grands?  Any issues I should pray for?   Do you just want to air a frustration,  I’ll be a friendly ear to hear it.

Every month one person in a  group of friends (who met blogging) give a blog prompt for the month.  so far I have not written on any of the prompts.  This month’s is from 2 Timothy 4:2 …be prepared in season and out of season.  Being prepared takes commitment.  I realized I didn’t want to commit.  Not only did I not want to commit to blogging, but I’ve found that to be a more recurring pattern in my life in general.  We need to be prepared to correct, rebuke and encourage.  Preparation requires a life open to receiving God’s instruction.  That requires commitment.  I see a pattern here.

In my non committal way….I resist saying that I will once again be a regular blogger.  But, someone much greater, God himself,  instructs – even urges me to be prepared.  I can’t see being prepared without commitment.  I will trust Him for the commitment within myself that completes my preparation.

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5 Responses to Commit To Be Prepared

  1. I had been trying to access this new blog for months, but for some reason I couldn’t Cause to tell you honestly, I have come to have a deeper understanding as to why blogs get taken down. It takes commitment, discipline, intention, and yes… passion. One can’t be good at blogger and have no passion for it. Not everyone will agree with me, but that is how I look at it. I would definitely be blogging more if I weren’t on Facebook. But you are so right about Facebook, it helps us see how the world is going at a glance. Yes, waving instead of hugging. Headlines, instead of in-depth stories. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, we miss out on the depth of what a relationship could become. So welcome back to blogging, dear friend. I have said it so many times before, in a microwave, fast food world, this is our way of choosing the slow cooker, waiting for the sauce to thicken in the back burner. Hope you decided to stay a while. Much love, Lidia

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    • pat t says:

      I love your word picture of closing the slow cooker over the microwave. It’s a microwave world out there….but I’m tying to stick with the tried and true simmer and season way of life. It’s all about priority isn’t it my friend? Thank you for you comment!


  2. Judy Kay says:

    I will tell you the honest truth.: I LOVE YOUR HONESTLY, YOUR TRUTH TELLING, YOUR HUMOR, YOUR BEING OPEN ABOUT SOME PRIVATE THOUGHT OR THINGS…..AND number one… Your sweet , humble love of our Father, radiates without you trying to make it radiate.

    My dear blogger….please know that you may never get accolades for anything you write. But rest assured , many out here get up , grab their coffee/tea, and go knocking at YOUR door ! Looking forward to hearing from you. Reading about life, and what you think, or what you are dealing with…or a funny story. And somehow, you will make them feel like they are normal. You will show them, that out in this world, you can have a friend that you will never hug, but you will be comforted by them.

    I have missed you very much. I am absolutely like you and your thinking of ” do I really want to commit ? today I feel I want to…but will I tomorrow when I may be mad for starting in again ? …..” I think your blog and everyone’s blog is also a “help” to them/you. You have a gift of honest writing. If you wrote a book, i would read it. Why ? because when I read you…I feel like I am sitting at your table and you know I don’t care if you still have your slippers on, and no makeup !! I don’t care if you have dishes in the sink… hey ! I just like being in the kitchen with my friend, who I feel comfortable with !!!!

    so, dear one…whatever you choose to do… you will know what to do, because the Lord answers us every time ! He will tell you somehow..and you will KNOW IT because there will be no doubt.. you will feel a peace about it.

    I have wanted to begin a blog for a long time., but haven’t as of yet. So I went on too long..but I felt I needed to compliment you and thank you, because you can believe it or not…but I think you will understand when I say….We read people’s blogs, about their lives…and it is almost like gaining a friend, or reading a continuing story…ISN’T IT WONDERFUL !!!! THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to think of you as someone I would love to hang out with. You are just a sweet lady. May HE direct your path and continue to give you strength and wisdom as you seek Him first.

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  3. pat t says:

    Judy, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, although the word comment seems far to insignificant of a word. You have encouraged me in ways I can’t express. You make me want to commit to talking with my unseen and unmet friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart


  4. Judy Kay says:

    Morning, Pat…
    I was in my “spray booth” (bathroom) getting ready for the day, and all of a sudden it popped into my head .. ” I wonder how Pat is doing ” (as I check your blog often ), and right then and there, I wrapped a towel around me, ( do not form a picture here ) … and to my computer I went to tell you I AM THINKING OF YOU… and hoping that everything in your world is workable, and treating you kindly. Your commenter above me, CROWN OF BEAUTY…was so right in all she said.

    What a blessing for you to have sweet people who enjoy you and appreciate YOU , and you never met them. SEE HOW TOUCHING YOU ARE !!

    Be loved !


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