Sandals and Claustrophobia

I ordered a pair of sandals today.  I’m just that sure that the snow that is in my yard won’t last forever.  It’s can’t, can it?

Because of recent foot surgery, I’ve had my foot wrapped,  and in a surgical boot since February 9th, and believe it or not, it feels claustrophobic.  Yes….my foot feels like it has claustrophobia, crazy huh? It feels trapped, and it’s about to be sprung.  Ordering those sandals is proof that I will soon be wiggling my toes, my uncovered toes!  I get my stitches out next Tuesday, and you know what I’m really looking forward to?  Taking a shower with out a protective plastic covering on my foot any more.   Getting BOTH feet wet – oh the shear joy!

It’s comical how those little things in life can come to be so important.  What other little things do we over-look because they are just part of every day living?  Driving also comes to mind.  Soon I’ll drive again!  I never go any where special, but now I’m going to be able to go to those un-special places!  I hate grocery shopping, but after having my sweet husband do it for a month, I’m even ready to do that again.  Don’t worry, I’ll soon be complaining again about having to go to the grocery store.   Shame on me!

You know what I’m really ready for?  Fresh air.  You know how you feel when you take a trip on an airplane and that air is so stale?  Try being in a plane since Feb 9th.  That’s what I’m starting to feel like.  I couldn’t go sit on the porch because it’s below zero on the porch!  All of this blathering I’ve been doing brings me back to my sandals, which I’ve bought in anticipation of a warm Spring.   Never take Spring for granted.  It’s a most wonderful season and it’s soon to arrive.

Spring….all things  new and fresh.  Never take for granted the air in your lungs and that tomorrow brings all things new.

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1 Response to Sandals and Claustrophobia

  1. As much as I enjoy winter and snow, I have to admit I am ready for spring this year. Good to see another post from you.
    Enjoy your weekend!


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